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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Terrain Parks Update – Jan 4, 2017

Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks
What parks are open?

Skate Park:
Medium Jump, Flat-up Rail, Down Tube, Down Rail, Jersey Barrier, 2x Hips

Sunrise Park:
Down Flat Rail, NewLine Concrete Ledge, Giro Doghouse, 2x Large Jumps, Large Hip

Stomping Grounds:
Flat Bar, Down Box, Phat Box, Flat Rail, Down Tube, 2x  Long Skinny Boxes, 2x Small Hips, 2x Small Jumps, Stunt Ditch

2x XL Jumps

What are the conditions like?

Conditions continue to amaze! With cold temps and dry snow, parks are keeping their shape throughout the days. Come check them out for yourself! 

What’s New?

District opened!! We got the XL jump line going with great views from Eagle Chair. These bad-boys are running smooth and looking awesome!   

Anything get buried recently?

The crew had another week of digging but they got through it and were able to work off some added holiday weight. Who needs a gym when it doesn’t stop snowing!

What’s coming up?

We are going to be doing rebuilds in Stomping Grounds and also building the new Gnarly’s Den beginner park on Easy Rider. Gnarly’s Den will be an extra-small beginner park that has surface levels rails and boxes plus some snow features. This will be the perfect spot to get comfortable before going to Stomping Grounds! 

Patio Park is up next with a build happing this week to get ready for our first event Monday, January 9. It is an all Spine, Hip and Stall contest that will be really creative and fun for all ages and rider abilities. Registration starts at 5pm and the event is at 6:30. Check out for more details.

Photo by Jose Diaz
Photo by Jose Diaz

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