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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Terrain Parks Update – Dec 28, 2016

Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks
What parks are open?

Skate Park:
8 features. Medium Jump, 2x Medium Hips, Whale Tail, Short Bar, Down Tube, Down Bar, Up-Flat Rail

Stomping Grounds:
11 features. 2x Small jumps, Short Flat Bar, Down Box, 2x Long Skinny Boxes, Phat Box, Flat Rail, Hip, Down Tube and a Mini-Pipe

9 Features. Down Flat Rail, Flat Tube, NewLine Concrete Ledge, Down Tube, Elbow Tube, Giro Doghouse, Hitching Post, 2x Large Jumps

For the first time this year, District will be opening with 2 XL jumps! 

What are the conditions like?

Conditions have been snowy but amazing. 100cm in 7 days!

What’s New?

Skate Park got a bit of a tweak. We added a right side hip, down tube and up-flat rail. District is opening up.

Anything get buried recently?

Everything was buried again this week but crew’s stayed on top of things and we had parks open every day of the holidays.

What’s coming up?

We will continue to tweak and expand Skate Park and look to add a rail line to District. Once District is running, we will look to build in Patio Park to get ready for our first event in early January. Keep checking the blog and Social Sites for time and date.

2016-12-07 Cypress Mountain
Photo by Jose Diaz
2016-12-16 Cypress Mountain
Photo by Jose Diaz

Because everyone should be Running to the Hills!

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