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Terrain Parks Update – Dec 21, 2016

Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks
What parks are open?

As of Tuesday December 20, 2016 we have 3 parks open with a total of 28 features ranging from Small to Large.

Skate Park:
Medium Jump, Short Flat Bar, Step-up to Whale Tail, Lift Tower, Medium Hip, Small Road Gap, Down Rail

Sunrise Park:
Down Flat Rail, Flat Tubby, NewLine Concrete Ledge, Down Tubby, Elbow Tubby, Giro Doghouse, Hitching Post, 2x Large Jumps

Stomping Grounds:
Rick’s Rail, Down Box, 2x Long Skinny Box, Flat Rail, Phat Box, Small Hip, Down Tubby, 2x Small Jumps, Mini Pipe

What are the conditions like?

Conditions have been all-time for this early in the season! With a base of 264cm and cold temps, the parks have been staying in good shape throughout the days. Parks Crew has been working their tails off and it really shows.

What’s New?

Sunrise Park opened on December 10th, by far the earliest that we can remember. It’s been packed with features and is a great place to enjoy the sun and hang out with friends. We have also been pumping out snow into the District to try to get that ready for Christmas. We continue to push and build in there and keep you updated.

Anything get buried recently?

Everything was buried but we got through it! 36cm in 7 days!

What’s coming up?

District is next! We have been blowing snow for some jumps and rail features. If everything goes to plan, this will be an early Christmas present to all you park riders. After that, we will look to start building in Patio Park to get ready for our first event in early January. From there we will be rebuilding Stomping Grounds, Skate Park, and Sunrise park (in no particular order).

Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks
Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks

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