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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Making Cypress Mountain a “Smoke-Free Environment”

No Smoking

Cypress Mountain will be a Smoke-Free Resort as of November 1st 2016. “Smoking” of any kind, including vaping, will be prohibited within our Resort Boundaries.

Smoking is already prohibited at Cypress Mountain in lift lines, on Chairlifts, within or near building entrances and intakes, and in the Downhill and Nordic Base Areas excepting the small shelter provided behind the Cypress Creek Lodge.

The new Smoke-Free Policy will be extended beyond our existing prohibition to include all ski runs and trails; Parking Lots 1A, 1, 2, and 3A in the Downhill Area; the Nordic Parking Lot; and any hiking trails located within the Ski Area boundaries.  This new Policy will also result in the removal of the designated smoking shelter at the upper corner of Lot 1A.

  • This Policy would not extend to areas of the Provincial Park outside of the Resort Area Boundaries.
  • Going Smoke-Free at our Resort is not meant to create hardship for visitors who desire to smoke, but rather it is to ensure that all visitors are able to enjoy their mountain snow experience in an environment that considers the welfare of all and promotes general well-being in the most meaningful way.  As Cypress Mountain becomes more popular for Family groups with children we feel an obligation to ensure that recreationalist enjoying the Mountain do not have to deal with exposures which they find harmful or undesirable.
  • During year 1 we do not intend to undertake heavy handed enforcement or to create an uncomfortable environment.  If you are observed smoking by a Staff member or even the public, please expect that as a result of the Policy you would be requested politely to discontinue smoking.  Unfortunately there would no longer be a location allocated for smoking within the Resort Area so you would need to make other provisions.

We welcome feedback on our desire to make Cypress Mountain a Smoke Free environment and we are certainly encouraged by the support of many regular guests to the Resort, Vancouver Coastal Health and the District of West Vancouver in moving forward with this initiative.