Dr. Jen's Sunset Report - 3/31/19
March 2019

Dr. Jen's Sunset Report - 3/31/19

  • March 2019
March 31 2019

Dr. Jen's Sunset Report - 3/31/19

dr jen last sunset of year
I am so glad that I found out that tonight was the last time for night skiing, hence also the last evening to view the sunset from Sky Chair. Oh my goodness! What a shame it would have been to have missed it.

The photos speak for themselves, however, it was also amazing just to see the sheer crowds of people that rode to the very top of the mountain, took off their skis/boards, and just waited and watched the sun set.   
Cypress is a very special place. To be able to ski, and see the ocean at the same time (never mind a sunset to boot!), seems to me a rare and special occurrence.    

Our son came with us this evening, who is in the Canadian Armed Forces stationed in Kuwait. He was home on a two week leave, and went from war torn desert, to a Cypress sunset.   
Very blessed. ... Dr. Jen


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