Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/06/18
December 2018

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/06/18

  • December 2018
December 6 2018

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 12/06/18

eagle express loaddr jen at rfid gate

My heart is singing! 
Finally, my home away from home is open. Thanks, of course, to Cypress' amazing investment in snow making. It just needs to be cold enough, and make snow they do!   With climate change and rising freezing levels, my husband says it is the way of the future. I'm glad Cypress is ahead of the crowd.   Eagle Chair is open with great coverage, and today blessed us with bluebird skies a well. So sweet. Easy Rider is also open for those Newbies.   

Crazy Raven Bar and Grill is open. They serve great quality food and drinks, so save some time to go there after your ski, or for a well deserved lunch break. Adam is here again, at the helm in the bar. So great to see a familiar face! (cute one too, lol) Tim is back this year serving, and Chelsea was our server today. Lovely smiles all round :)    Get yourselves up here people! If you are like me and have an inside job (versus my husband who works outside every day) skiing is fantastic for fresh air, beautiful scenery, vitamin D, and exercise. All of the ingredients to keep that nasty depression and anxiety away. I can tell you personally that my spirit is singing because of this... and my mood is WAY better than when I arrived.    Check it out yourself; you won't regret it!   

Dr. Jen


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