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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Dr Jen’s Ski Report – March 21, 2018

Doctor Jen, the counselling group
Happy Spring! But don’t let that fool you, there is still lots of snow and lots of skiing to be had.

I honestly can’t believe how much snow there is up here today, and still a month of skiing left. SO FUN!!

We have missed some ski days due to travel, so being back today was a nice treat. It is also obvious that it has snowed a fair bit since we’ve been gone – everything is fully covered and all lifts and runs are open. 

A real variety in weather today: overcast, then snowing, then sunny. Beautiful. We managed to cover both mountains and all of the lifts. Not a bad spot on the mountain. My pick of the day: Humpty Dumpty. Smooth and soft snow for quick, easy turns.

One of the ways in which my husband and I manage to ski every week is by purchasing our next year’s passes early. This is how you can save the most money and get the most out of the season. The early bird rates are in effect until April 15th. I’m getting mine today!

Besides the benefit of a lovely date day with my husband, you really can’t beat the exercise, fresh air, and vitamin D. Being in nature sure cleanses the soul. 

Get up to Cypress and grab some for yourself! And don’t miss onesie day on April 1st 😉

Dr. Jen 

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report is submitted by Doctor Jen from The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC, blogging her weekly visits to Cypress Mountain.