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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Dr Jen’s Ski Report: Last Day! – April 15, 2018

Doctor Jen, the counselling group
What to say? Six months till I can ski here again…making me a little teary today. Jamie, one of my favorite staff members, is also retiring today. More tears…

It did, however, turn out to be quite a beautiful ski day. So much snow up here still, and it snowed a little overnight too. We were even blessed by the sun coming out a bit as well. A lovely day, for sure.

There were quite a few skiers that were dressed up today as well to celebrate their love for Cypress, including a loyal passholder, Rebecca Meyer, and her friends!

Let’s end our beautiful season with a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man: Jamie

Jamie is the lovely man who told you where to go . . . to park your car, I mean. He did this for almost 16 years. What a lot of people may not know is that he was a lawyer for 28 years before that! Jamie says “at age 55, once I got into the parking lot, I found my calling”.

Amongst his many accomplishments, Jamie has also been married 49 yrs (amazing), has 6 children (crazy man), and 13 grandkids. He was also a child advocate for 15 years, and really enjoyed that.

These pics are just a few from the great retirement party that Laura Pierson, Adam & Mara, and many others of course, put together. A fine send off, indeed.

As Jamie approaches his 71st birthday in June, he is again looking forward to a new chapter in his life. When I asked him what advice he would give, he responded: “Be calm, be patient, be happy with people.”

Til next season…

Dr. Jen

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report is submitted by Doctor Jen from The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC, blogging her weekly visits to Cypress Mountain.