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Dr. Jen’s Ski Report – Dec 7, 2016

Doctor Jen, the counselling group
Wow. What a Wednesday! Blue bird skies and lots of snow; the real kind and excellent snowmaking too.

At the top of Lions Express Quad Chair, Mitch said it best: “3 more hours and I get to ride too!” Nice to have great friendly staff who love their job and love to enjoy the mountain when they are done their job. Maybe when I retire, Cypress will hire me as a liftie so I can do both!

There has been so much snow up here already that almost everything is open. Pretty cool for early season.

Today I had the most fun at the top of Sky Chair, weaving our way through the trees down Glades and Tom Cat. I am not an expert skier, but the forgiving snow today made the tight turns do-able.

I was also surprised how fun it was to fly down Jasey Jay off Eagle Express Quad Chair today. The snow guns were so great that I was getting fresh tracks (am I allowed to use that term if it’s man made?!)

A lovely fellow we rode up the chair with today said that he was supposed to go to Whistler with his buddies, but they ditched him because it was too cold. So he was thinking, “should I cycle today or ski?” What a cool place we live in! I told him he made a good choice because Cypress rocks.

What can I say when I am so happy that I can’t describe it? Guess I just did 🙂

Dr. Jen’s Ski Report – Dec 7, 2016
Dr. Jen’s Ski Report – Dec 7, 2016
Dr. Jen’s Ski Report – Dec 7, 2016

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report comes from Doctor Jen at The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC.
A long time Passholder that blogs her weekly visits at Cypress Mountain.