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Dr. Jen’s Ski Report – Mar 1, 2017

Doctor Jen, the counselling group

I can’t believe it is March already. I also can’t believe how much snow there still is! Lots of skiing still to enjoy.

I had a great Chairlift Chat with a fella who was so excited to brag about the cheapest pass going. He just qualified for a seniors pass, throw on top of that the new Silver Extra, and voila! Super cheap. He said he gets to ski the rest of this season and all of next for about $250 and some change. Now that’s a deal. He reckons that he has been skiing about 35 years now (started later in life, he said- lol). It is wonderful that skiing is one of those sports you can carry into your 80s. I wanna be that girl!

It was quite warm today with a fair bit of new snow since last week. We covered all of the mountain and lifts to sample everything. My favourite today was Top Gun because it was actually open. It was the first time I was able to ride it this season. So much snow and so fun! Great run.

Lifty of the Day was Nico. Groovin to his tunes loading Sky Chair with a big smile on his face. Cool to see people working and having a good time. 

Back at the Crazy Raven, Cinji is our lovely server and the food is amazing, as always. Besides great skiing, Cypress also has a great chef. Roasted Red Pepper soup and a very yummy Kale Mediterranean salad. Life is good. 

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report comes from Doctor Jen at The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC.
A long time Passholder that blogs her weekly visits at Cypress Mountain.