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Dr. Jen’s Ski Report – Feb 8, 2017

Doctor Jen, the counselling group

So great to be back at home again. Cypress, that is. We went on another adventure these past few days, to Shames Mountain in Terrace and Hudson Bay in Smithers…Cypress has more snow, and it isn’t minus nineteen! See aerial view of Cypress I took from the plane yesterday. 

Don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful places we went. Both very generous as well to Cypress pass holders. 50% off at Shames and 25% off at Hudson. 

Today, however, was simply amazing. Clearly there has been a lot of snow since last week, and the conditions were great today. Oh, and it is so warm here! Balmy compared to where we were.

We covered the whole mountain today. All of the chairs and runs were open. I would have to say that Bennys off Ravens Ridge was my pick of the day. The ominous view of the oncoming storm from there helped as well (see pic). My Liftie of the day – James. Great big smile and lots of enthusiasm. Server of the day – Oran. Great service in the  Crazy Raven. 

It is so exciting to have a fabulous snow year. Jamie in the parking lot told us that yesterday (Tuesday) was one of the busiest Tuesdays on record. Triple the norm. So great. 

Come on up and check it out for yourself! And bring the family too. So much to enjoy.  

-Dr. Jen

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report comes from Doctor Jen at The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC.
A long time Passholder that blogs her weekly visits at Cypress Mountain.