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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Terrain Parks Update – Jan 25, 2017

Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks
What parks are open?

Skate Park:
7 features. Medium Jump, Up Tubby, Pole Jam, Jersey Barrier, Down Rail, Down Flat Rail, Down Tubby/span>

6 Features. 2 XL Jumps, 40 Foot Flat Bar, Elbow Tubby, Down-Flat-Down Rail, Wall Ride

Stomping Grounds:
14 features. Flat Box, Down Box, Flat Bar, Down Box, Hip, 2x Small Table Top Jumps, Left Side Quarter Pipe, Down Tube, 2x Small Jumps, 3 Rollers

11 Features. Down Flat Tubby, NewLine Concrete Ledge, Giro Doghouse, Hitching Post, 2x Large Jumps, C-Box, Disco Box, Up-Flat/Flat Down Combo Box, Pole Jam to Lift Tower, Down Rail

Gnarly’s Den:
4 Features. Flat Rail, Flat Box, 2 Snow Features

What are the conditions like?

We had a little dusting of snow at the end of the week.  This week the park crew worked hard to get the parks into banger shape.

What’s New?

Bottom section of Skate Park got a complete rebuild. We also filled out the middle section of Sunrise with more jibs.

Anything get buried recently?

We made it through a week where nothing was buried.

What’s coming up?

Next rebuild will be in District starting later this week. Updates on what we building to come.

We will continue to add features in all the parks. Also, we will have the Air Bag running Wednesday and Thursday nights from 6-9 pm.

Cypress Mountain Terrain Parks
The crew doing some work in Skate Park. Bottom jib section has been rebuilt.

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