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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Hollyburn Lodge – Jan 19, 2017

Hollyburn Lodge, for those of you who didn’t get the chance to experience this magical place before the renewal may not know what you’d been missing out on, and those that did are waiting anxiously for the completion of the beautifully rebuilt heritage building. Thankfully, a huge team of passionately devoted individuals have been working for about two years to re-create this building in a way that holds on to the memories of the past, but adds some serious infrastructure built for a long future. There have been many great improvements, such as septic lines installed, a walk in fridge/freezer, storage space, and a better utilization of the footprint that was Hollyburn Lodge 1.0.

Young and old have been using cross country skiing as an excuse to go visit this hidden gem on the North Shore. It’s likely half of the children’s XC Ski passes were bought on the bribe of dinner and hot chocolate at Hollyburn. In all seriousness, Hollyburn Lodge is called the heart of cross country for a reason; it’s where skiing all began on the North Shore. The community of people with such a passion created an equally special lodge filled with live music, laugher, and delicious food.

Although the lodge is not quite done, the front of house looks amazing.  With beautiful heritage pieces on the walls such as; beautiful, formerly crooked, floor boards,  pictures of Peggy Burfield and her family (who lived in the lodge dating back to 1946), 1920’s wooden window frames shadowing our new (much more heat efficient) ) windows… It’s looking like all of the hard work and setbacks are about to pay off and enjoyed by all.

We were lucky to have so many special community members and the ribbon cutting ceremony honoring it with their gratitude.  Seeing everyone’s face as they walked in to the new space gave some of us goosebumps. Although nothing can replace the feeling of stepping back into a place that you’ve missed, hopefully these pictures tide you over until the nearing completion date arrives!

Enjoy, and we hope to see you soon for many more memories to come at Hollyburn Lodge!

Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project - Interior
Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project
Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project
Hollyburn Lodge Renewal Project

Photos by Jenn Dickie