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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Birthday Experiences instead of Birthday Presents

Adventure Awaits

For the last two years my friend Hayley has been living out of town, and every year I send her flowers or gifts through the mail. However, this year she was back in town and no ordinary birthday would do, it was time to celebrate with an adventure birthday! What better an adventure than both of us trying out Cypress Mountain for the first time?

I’ve always been intimidated by Cypress Mountain. I’ve heard that it’s where the experts go to play, and is the most “serious” mountain when compared to Seymour and Grouse. So after 25 years of living in Vancouver, it was time to trust my own skills and abilities and hit the hill in celebration of my friends birthday!

And it was a fabulous day! Here’s the top 7 things we loved about the hill…

Cypress Mountain

Imagine coming over the crest of the mountain, while riding a chairlift that takes you right to the summit. You disembark only to ski out to what is one of the most amazing views of Howe Sound I’ve ever seen. From Downtown Vancouver, to the marina on Bowen Island, over to Gibsons, and all the way up to Gambier Island, the 180 degree view was absolutely spectacular! I took as many photos as I could until my phone froze up and shut down.

Variety of Terrain
Cypress Mountain

While we got our legs under us, we enjoyed the wide variety of easily accessible terrain. The whole mountain is full of greens and blues, making navigation down the hill easy. I loved sneaking off a blue run into the trees, playing around for a bit and then looping back down to a green. And, if you’re looking for more of a challenge, you’ll enjoy the quantity of steep black and double black runs.

No One There
Cypress Mountain

The longest we had to wait for a chairlift was three people… which is really no waiting at all. After 4 hard hours of skiing our legs were done! I love that we could go during the day, enjoy the fresh tracks, and still be home in time for after school pick up!  

Pillows of Powder
Cypress Mountain

While out of bounds, the pillows of powder were there for the stealing… stealing pictures that is! I love that they left the space natural and that you could ride right next to it and enjoy it.

Seamless Transitions
Cypress Mountain

Cypress has two mountains you can access, with the chairlifts being conveniently located in the middle. This allowed us to jump around and explore all areas of the mountain easily, without having to hike around or worse… get lost!

World Famous
Cypress Mountain - Olympic Rings

Cypress Mountain was one of the host locations for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is pretty cool to stand in front of the iconic rings and take a picture.

We Could have been Cleaning…

The reality is that as mom’s, we are often pulled home to attend to the household duties. A day on the slopes was the perfect escape and a mini vacation for us both!

I can’t wait to go up and play on the mountain again…I can tell you that I won’t be waiting for Hayley’s birthday before I go!

I feel like everyone in Vancouver is keeping a little secret… Cypress isn’t scary, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome!

Jami Savage is a family adventure writer sharing stories about solo and family adventures. She is an outdoor enthusiast and you’ll find her regularly hiking, biking or boarding, often with her children by her side. She believes in lifelong learning, following your passion and living life to the fullest every day. You can read her blog at