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Dr Jen’s Ski Report – Jan 3, 2018

Doctor Jen, the counselling group
Happy New Year!

And happy on the hill I was 🙂

Another one of those days where it was a dark and dreary in White Rock, including a fair bit of fog, and voila! Bright and sunny at Cypress.

If you look closely in my photos, where you usually see a lovely view of the ocean is actually a sea of clouds — and we are above them. I love when that happens. It was also so warm up on the hill today that the conditions seemed much like spring. I was actually overdressed for the weather. I noticed many jackets around people’s waists, or hanging on posts. A few others found themselves overdressed too I believe.

I would say I preferred Mount Strachan today over Black Mountain, because that is where the sun was shining. This made for lovely, soft snow, and a good workout.

The lineups were pretty large today as most kids don’t go back to school until next week. I may not like waiting in them, but I am so happy for Cypress. It is great to see the mountain so full and vibrant, and equally great to see so many kids and families up there. All good for the soul. A little inconvenience for a lot of sun, fun and positive mental attitude!

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report is submitted by Doctor Jen from The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC, blogging her weekly visits to Cypress Mountain.