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6000 Cypress Bowl Rd. West Vancouver, BC V0N 1G0

Dr Jen’s Ski Report – Dec 25, 2017

Doctor Jen, the counselling group
Merry Christmas on the Mountain!

I am not sure if I have ever skied on Christmas morning before . . . such a great way to start the day!  The entire mountain was open today. I even got to ski Ravens Ridge! Nice Christmas present for me. One of my favorite parts of the mountain.

I must say how completely impressed I was today with the exuberance of the staff. Costumes, dancing, Ho Ho Ho … lots of Christmas cheer. One look at the photos of lifties Mark and Will says it all.

The mountain was busier than I expected it to be (no Santa this year?!) However, people were nicely disbursed, so the runs were not too crowded. 

Happy New Year everyone!

Doctor Jen’s Ski Report is submitted by Doctor Jen from The Counselling Group based in Whiterock BC, blogging her weekly visits to Cypress Mountain.