Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 3/10/19
March 2019

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 3/10/19

  • March 2019
March 10 2019

Dr. Jen's Ski Report - 3/10/19

dr jen march 10
What an amazing bluebird day!!

I know it is not Wednesday, my usual ski day. However, all too soon the season will be over, and I want to get in as many ski days as possible.  
Now, first of all, that darn clock change last night. We planned on going up early anyway to beat the crowds (and to get a good parking spot!), but really?? 7:30 am departure from White Rock was actually 6:30. The sun was barely rising as we were enroute! Oh well, the mountain is worth it.

Today was a spectacular ski day. The mountain was groomed beautifully, which made for great first tracks on corduroy. We covered the whole mountain and all of the lifts, with quite a few runs down Crazy Raven. Pick of the day today: Jasey Jay Anderson's Gold.   It seems that there was a lot going on on the mountain today too. Lots of young ones, racing down the slalom tracks, and also competing off some jumps and rails alongside the Crazy Raven Bar & Grill patio - which was very sunny for spectators.
And in the Cafe, there was live music playing today. Packed house. It is amazing to think that we skied, watched the competition, listened to live music, had lunch...and we were back home in White Rock by 3:00 pm.

We truly live in an amazing place.

Til next time... Dr. Jen


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